Is an architecture and design bureau based in Bandung City, Indonesia. We provide architectural and interior design planning on a wide scale covering residential, commercial and retail. We will design each project through an analytical process that will help design products according to the context of the built environment, resulting in a strong and efficient design solution.

We are committed to delivering results with high design standards, based on appropriate directions from our clients so that client expectations can be properly met.


We will do the design according to the client’s requirements and will have a diverse character. the way we define the character is as simple as looking at who and where we will design. From this philosophy we hope to produce designs that can continue to evolve with the times and the environment.

The Team

Ludowikus Panduhadi Pangestu has a Massive Clean Architecture Style, a combination of solid and Void. It can be interpreted that the building has the shape of feet, body, and head.

Outside of architecture, he likes Ludwig van Beethoven’s songs which tell us that to enjoy the works, it is necessary to give a sequence to the audience in order to experience different emotions and moods, even making a chart.

As a food enthusiast, He said that “gado-gado” teaches us that even though there are many elements to be conveyed (a variety of vegetables), it is still wrapped in a condiment that binds all the vegetables so that it becomes calm. So is architecture, it is not wrong to bring in many elements, but there must still be a condiment that binds all the elements. So in terms of experience, it is different, but when viewed generally it is still calm.

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Fariz Ikhsansyah has an interest to Modern, Urban Architecture, with curved lines play, showing dynamism giving a flowing space experience, looks modern and has a clear continuity.

Outside of Architecture, he is into Music (especially RNB and Metal), Technology, and Games. These things are updated everyday giving new things to know, adding inspiration and eliminating boredom.

He also has a hobby of reading and collecting series of books. Because it requires consistency and attention to detail step by step to reach the final result (of the story) that satisfies ourself

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Iza Wildan has a variety of architectural styles he likes, from Mediterranean, Contemporary, to Modern. Even though he has many preferences in architectural styles, his architectural works must have a form that defines its function.

Outside of architecture, he enjoys sports, such as tennis and action films. Sports can be a great way to refresh one’s thinking and design style.

Her hobby is bonsai, as it requires a long process to get the best results. It is almost the same as building or designing, as a well-thought-out and well-prepared process can lead to a good building.

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