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Braga Office


Braga, Bandung






Deby Sinantya

The Project

The architectural office in Braga Bandung is a place for creative minds to come together and design new and unique structures in the area. The office has been crafted with the modern design of classic interior and the use of wood accents and a white datum to bring a perfect balance of style and functionality.

The entrance of the office has a grand double door that opens to a spacious lobby with a wooden-paneled ceiling and walls. The lobby is also decorated with a classic wooden table, a few chairs and a few potted plants to create a welcoming atmosphere. To further emphasize the classic interior, the lobby is covered with white marble flooring. The office is also decorated with some traditional artwork to add a touch of culture to the office.

The main area of the office is made up of several offices and meeting rooms. The flooring in this area is the same white marble used in the lobby and the walls are painted white. The main area is also decorated with wood accents and grand furniture to bring out the classic look. The furniture pieces are usually made of mahogany and are designed to offer comfort and support while providing an elegant look.

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