ENHAKA Clinic Cinere

This beauty clinic is designed with a contemporary and elegant style. The exterior of the building has a strong red accent with a majority of its facade having a calming and relaxing wood texture. The use of curved shapes in both the interior and exterior design of the building gives it a very aesthetic appeal. […]

ENHAKA Clinic Bekasi

The exterior of the building has been designed to draw attention with its bold red accents, while its overall shape features a subtle curved facade and interior. The use of wood textures along the walls, windows, and roof add to the sense of calm and beauty, while the bright red accents provide a lively and […]

KJ Clinic

KJ Clinic is designed to ignite a child’s imagination and create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The interior design of the clinic focuses on an inviting and cheerful color palette of warm yellows, blues, and greens. The walls are painted in warm, inviting colors, and the furniture is rounded and curved to create a soft, […]

RSIA Widaningsih

RSIA Widaningsih in Garut is a modern medical facility that emphasizes both elegance and comfort. The building is designed with a metal perforated facade, which is used to create a modern façade that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. The interior design of the facility is designed to be warm and inviting, using natural materials […]

Dustira HD

interior design that uses a combination of wood texture and green army colors to create a unique and modern look. The wood texture is used as the main material for the walls, floors, and ceiling, while the green army color is used as an accent color to create a bold contrast. The furniture pieces are […]