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ENHAKA Clinic Cinere


Bekasi, Indonesia




200 m2


The Project

This beauty clinic is designed with a contemporary and elegant style. The exterior of the building has a strong red accent with a majority of its facade having a calming and relaxing wood texture. The use of curved shapes in both the interior and exterior design of the building gives it a very aesthetic appeal.

The entrance of the building is located at the center, making it easily accessible for visitors. The entrance is designed with a large glass panel, with the wood texture covering the remaining parts of the facade. As visitors enter the premises, they will be welcomed by a spacious lobby. The walls are adorned with warm colors, giving the space a cozy and inviting feel. The ceiling of the lobby is also curved, adding to the overall aesthetics of the space. Natural lighting is also incorporated into the design to make the space look even more inviting.

The beauty clinic also has a retail section to provide customers with the products they need for their beauty treatments. The retail section is designed with a minimalist style to give it a modern feel. The walls are painted in a light color, giving it a bright and airy look. The retail space also has a bright red accent to bring out the modern and contemporary elements of the design.

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