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JXB BikeHub


Jakarta, Indonesia


Terminal dan Kafe – Bike Terminal


100 m2


Nickola Fauzan

The Project

BikeHub for Jakarta Government is an innovative concept that will create a unique and inviting space for bikers to come together and rest, share, drink, and eat. The facility will be located in a well-connected area in Jakarta and will provide a safe and secure place for bikers to gather and enjoy their rides.

The BikeHub will feature a large open area with seating, tables, and benches to accommodate a variety of bikers. There will also be a bike repair area located at the center of the facility, equipped with tools and supplies necessary for basic bike maintenance. Additionally, the facility will include a café and lounge area, providing bikers with a place to relax, grab a bite to eat, and catch up with friends.

The BikeHub will also feature an education center, offering classes and workshops on bicycle safety and maintenance, as well as cycling etiquette guidelines. There will also be an information center, providing access to maps, cycling routes, and other resources.

In addition to the amenities, the BikeHub will offer a variety of services to the bikers, including bike storage, bike rentals, and bike sales. These services will be provided by professional staff members, ensuring that bikers receive the best possible experience.

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