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Petojo – Office


Petojo, Jakarta


Office Interior


120 m2


The Project

An office at Petojo Jakarta can be designed with a high quality luxury concept in mind. The office should feature a modern and sophisticated look that conveys both style and class. The primary colors for this design should be white, black, and champagne. These colors will create a luxurious and elegant atmosphere for the office.

To create a high end look, the furniture should be of the highest quality and should come from luxury brands. The table and chairs should be made of high-end materials and should have a sleek, modern design. The conference room table should be large enough to accommodate a large number of people, and it should be made of a material like wood or marble. The desk should also be made of a luxurious material and should feature a modern, ergonomic design.

The walls in the office should be painted with a light, neutral color such as white, beige, or gray. This will provide a calming backdrop that will make it easier to focus on work. The walls should also be decorated with art pieces that are tasteful and appropriate for the office. This can include paintings, photographs, or sculptures.

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