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PY – House


Antapani, Bandung




240 m2


The Project

The Mediterranean yet modern architecture house concept is a refreshingly unique take on classic design. Featuring an old-world charm, this concept combines traditional elements with contemporary features to create a timeless look.

The exterior of the home is constructed with a combination of stone, wood, and other materials, giving it a strong and rustic foundation. The stone is the primary material used, and it’s used for the walls, foundation, and terraces. The stone is also used for the unique curved walls that lead up to the entrance of the house. This design element adds a touch of sophistication to the overall look. The traditional color palette of the stone is used to create a classic look, and the combination of light and dark shades helps to create a subtle contrast.

The front entrance of the house is framed by a curved wall that adds a hint of elegance to the overall design. The entrance opens up to a grand foyer with a high ceiling and beautiful chandelier. The floors of the foyer are made of classic marble and intricate tile work. The walls are adorned with beautiful artwork and art pieces, creating an inviting atmosphere.

The living room is a spacious area that is filled with light due to the large windows.

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