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Season City – Pivate Room


Season City, Jakarta


Office Interior


200 m2


ERBE Studio

The Project

This private room located in Season City, Jakarta, is designed to give a luxurious and inspiring feel to its visitors. The room features a warm and inviting atmosphere with a black and gold color scheme. The walls are painted a glossy black and the floor is covered with a plush, gold-colored carpet.

The ceiling is the centerpiece of the room and features a beautiful molded flower pattern that is enhanced with subtle lighting. The walls are adorned with large paintings of abstract shapes and modern art. The furniture is all made of high-quality materials, with black leather upholstery and gold accents.

The room has a large window that lets in plenty of natural light that illuminates the space. In the center of the room is a grand chandelier that hangs from the ceiling and casts a warm glow throughout the room.

The doors of the room are made of wooden panels that are intricately carved with gold accents. These doors give the room an expensive yet inspiring feel. Other furniture pieces in the room are also made of wood, and these pieces are polished to a high shine.

The overall aesthetic of the room is one that is luxurious, elegant, and inspiring. The black and gold color scheme, along with the beautiful ceiling and carved doors, give the room a regal and expensive look. The furniture pieces and art pieces also help to enhance the feel of the room and give visitors a sense of luxury and comfort.

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