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Hayabusa Café


Pancoran, DKI Jakarta




250 m2


The Project

The cafe is located in an existing building made of exposed brick, adding a unique character to the place. The architect is aiming to create a combination of classic and modern elements, by adding a red-colored steel and a rounded mezzanine that is rounded by an existing tree. This will create an attractive, inviting atmosphere that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

The exterior of the building will be painted in a red color with the steel accents included within the design. This will be complemented by the existing exposed brick, creating a vibrant and interesting look. The roof will be slanted and curved, with a mezzanine that is rounded by the existing tree. This creates an inviting and comfortable atmosphere, while also providing ample space for seating and dining.

The interior of the cafe will be designed to be classic yet modern. The walls will be painted in a light color to provide a bright, airy atmosphere. The floors will be covered in tile and wood, providing a classic look. The furniture will be made of used materials, such as vintage tables and chairs, giving the space a unique, vintage feel. The ceiling will be painted red, giving the space an open and airy feeling.

The cafe will also feature an outdoor seating area, which will be made of wooden furniture and surrounded by plants. This will provide customers with a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere to enjoy their drinks. The seating area will be surrounded by a fence, providing additional privacy.

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