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Sequoia School


Bandung, Jawa Barat


School Interior


800 m2


The Project

This project is an architectural building that functions as a playgroup and preschool. It is designed to reflect the majestic Sequoia tree, with its large crown and majestic shape. The building’s exterior is made of wood, with a white finish. Customized metal perforations have been used to create a tree silhouette, adding to the building’s overall aesthetic.

The interior of the building is also designed to reflect the shape and structure of the majestic Sequoia. The curved ceilings represent the branches of the tree, and the rounded furniture creates a comfortable and safe environment for the children. The walls are painted in muted tones of grey, white, and brown, in order to evoke the colorfull childern itself. Large windows provide natural light and views of the outside, while also connecting the inside to the outside.

In order to create an educational environment, there are designated areas for different activities. A large, open playroom is designed for creative play, with a variety of toys and activities to choose from. A reading corner is designed for story-time, and a climbing wall and alphabet toys and movement space is also provided. There is also a kitchen and a dining area, and a large outdoor play area with a sandbox and climbing equipment also the childern always like to, ball pool area.

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