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TD Bake House


Bintaro, Tangerang




90 m2


The Project

The Bake House is a shophouse that is located in Indonesia, with an industrial concept but has a touch of European accents. It seeks to stand out from the other shophouses in the area and provide customers with a unique baking experience.

The exterior of the Bake House is a combination of white walls and exposed concrete, which gives it an industrial feel. The walls are made up of a combination of concrete panels and a white finish. This provides a stark contrast to the other buildings in the area, making the Bake House stand out and be easily identifiable. The walls are also adorned with wood arcs and stainless steel panels, giving the building an elegant and sophisticated look.

The interior of the Bake House is designed to be warm and inviting to customers. The walls and floors are made of a combination of wood and exposed concrete, which gives it a rustic and homey feel. There are wood beams that run along the ceiling, and they are decorated with hanging lights and plants to add a touch of nature to the space. Large windows are placed along the walls to let in natural light, and the ceiling is covered with a white finish to reflect the light and make the space feel bright and airy.

The main feature of the Bake House is a large oven that is placed in the center of the space. This oven is made of stainless steel and is designed to be both efficient and aesthetically pleasing. It is surrounded by a countertop made of wood and marble, which gives customers a place to work with the ingredients and bake their creations. There are also other appliances in the space, such as a refrigerator and a dishwasher, for added convenience.

The Bake House also has a wide variety of baking supplies, such as baking pans, baking molds, and a variety of baking ingredients. These supplies are all arranged in a neat and organized way, so customers can easily find what they are looking for. The shelves are also decorated with plants and other decorations to add a touch of beauty to the space.

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